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How to Conduct Paid Social Media Marketing

paidSocial media has a huge audience of over a billion people on different continents. This is a marketing gold mine for all types of company. It enables you to generate content and use it to connect and interact with your customers and potential clients. Social media companies have gone further to create a way for businesses to target their market effectively. Here are some of the tips when conducting a social media marketing campaign. Continue reading

Free ways for Boosting your Social Media Engagement

EngagementWhen it comes to digital, content is king. You need to tailor your content in a way that it resonates with your target market. That way, you reach out to many people. Content reach, however, means nothing without engagement. That is why social media companies have come up with pricing plans to help boost your engagement. Luckily, there are ways you can increase your engagement without spending an extra penny. Here is how to go about that. Continue reading

Top 5 Tips to Running a successful Social Media Campaign

Social media marketingWith two out of 7 people in the world using social media, a social media campaign is becoming an essential part of every marketing strategy. The number social media users in developed nations shoot up in developed countries. You just cannot ignore all these people. To run an effective social media campaign, you need to be strategic and not just do it aimlessly. Here are the top 5 tips to help you run a successful social media campaign. Continue reading

How to Use Twitter to Grow your Business 

twitterTwitter is popularly known to host public personalities who share their experiences and thoughts with fans. You can also use the popular micro-blogging site to grow your business as many people take to the site to look for brands, products or services like lawn service. With over 300 million unique visitors every month, Twitter gives you a huge audience for your content. Here is how you can build your business on Twitter. Continue reading

Top 5 Must Have Social Media Platforms for Small Business

social imageSocial media has grown significantly over the last few years. This growth has created a platform for small businesses to reduce their marketing and customer service costs and reach out to their clients and potential clients. It has enabled small businesses to build their brand recognition, improve their brand loyalty and also increase sales. While there are many social media platforms, here are the top five every small business should have. Continue reading

The Best Way to Track your Social Media Performance 

Social media is greatly changing how the world operates and interacts with each other both economically and socially. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and now Instagram are the most used social media platforms.seo

Individuals and brands have taken to the social media platforms as one of the major ways to reach their customers as well as the audience. Social Media has been widely embraced because of its affordability, convenience, and effectiveness. Tracking one’s social media performance is, therefore, critical in helping one know whether he or she is just online to be seen or to be heard.

There are various tools that one can use to track the social media performance effectively: Continue reading

Top 5 Benefits of Social Media for Small Business

social mediaThe surge of digital media has transformed the business world as it has our lives. It has opened up a new channel for businesses to interact with customers and potential customers. Small businesses have arguably benefited the most from social media. It has almost leveled the marketing field with the big boys on the key demographics. Here are some of the advantages small businesses have received from social media. Continue reading