How to Conduct Paid Social Media Marketing

paidSocial media has a huge audience of over a billion people on different continents. This is a marketing gold mine for all types of company. It enables you to generate content and use it to connect and interact with your customers and potential clients. Social media companies have gone further to create a way for businesses to target their market effectively. Here are some of the tips when conducting a social media marketing campaign.

General Tips
I.    Design ads with phones in mind

Most use their mobile devices to access their social media accounts on the move. Over 80% and 60% of Facebook and Twitter users respectively spend their time on the websites using their phones. It is important to design the ads you intend to boost keeping that in mind.

II.    Understand how different platforms sell their ads

Ads are sold on either impression or engagement basis. LinkedIn and Facebook use the impressions or views model while Twitter uses the engagement or per click model.

III.    Analyze the ads

There are many advanced social media analytics reporting tools for you to use. Tracking your results helps you identify the most suitable channel. You can use Facebook and Twitter native’s analytics tools or use others like Google Analytics or Hootsuite.

IV.    Rotate the ads

The online audience will get bored if they keep seeing the same ads at the same place. Rotate these ads and change the content frequently to keep things fresh and the audience excited.

V.    Target your audience

All the major platforms will allow you to target the audience. You can select people of a particular age or those in a specific location or with a common interest which you will specify. Pick your demographics to generate leads.

There is no generic way of conducting a social media campaign across all the channels. Here is how to go about it on the popular platforms.

1.    Facebook

facebookFacebooks offers you ads for different objectives which include, boosting a post (promoting a product, service or activity), increasing the page likes, increasing your website hits, increase app installs or engagement or even offer claims. Choose your ad type based on the objective and then create your ad account. After that, decide on the ad placement, audience, and pricing.

2.    Twitter

On Twitter ads, you can either promote a trend, account or tweet. You can target your audience based on their gender, language, location, device or location. Choose your ad objective after starting the campaign. Proceed to target the ad and then build it. Set the budget and place the bid.

3.    LinkedIn

The main LinkedIn ad types are sponsored updates, premium display ads, and email marketing. It is great for B2B businesses or when looking to hire new employees. Choose the type of the ad and build it. Choose your audience either by name or by category (Company size or type of industry). Set the budget and place your bid.

Conducting a social media campaign helps you reach your target market more effectively. It is easy to use and following these tips will maximize your reach and engagement. There are other different ways to go about paid social media marketing.