How to Use Twitter to Grow your Business 

twitterTwitter is popularly known to host public personalities who share their experiences and thoughts with fans. You can also use the popular micro-blogging site to grow your business as many people take to the site to look for brands, products or services like lawn service. With over 300 million unique visitors every month, Twitter gives you a huge audience for your content. Here is how you can build your business on Twitter.

  1. Use Twitter Cards

Twitter cards will help make your tweets stand out and increase your tweets reach. There are up to seven Twitter cards to pick from. Twitter cards help send out extra information on Twitter maximizing the potential of the tweet. Using a Twitter card will increase engagement which is great for your business.

  1. Grow your followers

Grow your Twitter followers but be strategic while at it. Well targeted and engaged followers benefit the business. There are so many tools to increase your following strategically. One of them is social Quant. Using such a tool also increases your clicks and engagement.

  1. Use influencers

Influencers are key online ‘celebrities’ who engage in content that somehow relates to your field or have a following that you are targeting. Getting them to endorse you and your products or services can boost your follower count, engagement, brand visibility, and traffic to your website. Tools like SocialBro helps you find influencers easily.

  1. Encourage brand ambassadors

twitter growWhile having brand influencers is great, brand ambassadors are better. Brand Ambassadors share their experiences with your brand online which encourages other people to interact with your business or even try your products and services. The first way to build your brand ambassadors network is to create a great experience for your customers. That is essential. Reward those who advocate for your business online too and more will follow suit.

  1. Manage your contacts

Twitter is not just a place to push your agenda as you can learn from it too. Having many followers, however, can make your timeline unmanageable and overwhelming. Sometimes, you want to follow a particular group of people or organization for various reasons. They may be the industry’s trend setters for example. Creating a Twitter list makes it easy to keep yourself posted on their Twitter activities. Twitter clients like TweetDeck or Hootsuite allow you to have a column for your list which serves as an alternative home page or timeline.

  1. Use Twitter ads

Using Twitter Ads helps you reach out to your target customers more effectively. You can target your customers based on gender, location, language, or device. This helps build increase your content reach, engagement, leads generated, and ultimately grow your business. When using Twitter ads, you can promote a hashtag, tweet, or account.

  1. Use analytics

There are numerous analytics tools in addition to the native Twitter analytics that helps you analyze your engagement. These tools help measure your overall impressions, reach, track your social media growth, and identify the best performing type of content. That helps you optimize your content and achieve your goal to grow your business.

Twitter is an inexpensive way to build your brand, customer base, and sales. Using this channel can even open up a new market for you. Using Twitter also reduces you PR and marketing expenses and consequently improve your profits.